Heart Empowered Calls

Empowering ourselves and each other. Connecting through the Heart
We have been told it's a technology. These amazing Avatar bodies of ours come equipped with the technology of creation through the love in our hearts. Together we amplify this truth for each other.
I choose to embody my True Self, I know who I Am in truth, I see you in truth.

Do you want to trust more, have more clarity, feel supported and experience more love in all areas of your life? Join us on a journey back home to the heart and be the grand creator of your life! Each Empower group is limited to a small group of participants, no more than 12. You will participate in 4 weekly half-hour conference calls in which we commit to connecting with the frequency of the group, honouring our bodies and choosing the highest expression of self.

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Series 1      Heart Empower: Connecting through the Heart
Intent: To receive the frequencies being offered of the highest vibration the highest light, designed for me by my lineage of light, with absolute love. My origin story, my original blueprint. I Activate the crystalline structure of my DNA.

Expression: We will have 4 calls (1 per week) with each call lasting 1/2 hour. On the first call, we will remember how to Activate the heart field through love, caring, gratitude and appreciation. We will connect to each other through the heart and amplify each others light. Each day during this series we commit to each other to connect into the frequency of the group, amplifying our intent and seeing each other as Divine Light. This can be done in meditation, on a walk or whatever feels right to you. The important thing is to invoke the feeling of the group and its support for you through the heart field. It is Co-Creation!!

Our Series 1 Empower Call group is filling fast, only a maximum of 12 participants per group. Click to reserve your place- $99 for 4 weeks of support and accomplishment. Become the Empowered You !

Series 2      Creating pathways of manifestation
These calls are designed to follow Series 1
We choose: Our Divine Light, we see each other as Divine. Through the power of the group we access our Lineage of Light and create an individual intention.
As we align with our True selves our souls purpose becomes clear and we together bring this into form, here, now. We connect with the Earth and co-create our world. As our True Divine selves we amplify the intentions for each other and together heal patterns that no longer serve. We access our future selves and create pathways of manifestation.

What it looks like: We will have 4 weekly calls (1 per week) with each call lasting 1/2 hour. We all commit to choosing the highest expression of self, honouring our bodies and to contribute freely our individual frequency to the group. During the calls we will be connecting through the Heart Field, amplifying the light to receive clarity on whatever area of our lives we are asking about. With the help of our light beings we will receive wisdom on steps needed to evolve.

Meet our Facilitators:


Barbara Reynolds


As the President of I Am Activated, Barbara has met with many people who have sought a closer relationship with themselves, their loved ones and Spirit. She is a Spiritual Coach who has the unique ability to “see” what is happening energetically in the body and then works with individuals to transform any patterns that are no longer serving their higher purpose. Through her work, Barbara helps her clients align with their authentic Divine self.
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Mary Ann

MaryAnn D'Ambrosio


You could say MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, PhD is energetically charged. She swapped a lifelong corporate career in the power industry for one where she sparks entrepreneurs, business leaders and service professionals to leap without limits --and land in a place where they will grow and prosper.
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Jamie Marie Wey


Jamie’s true passion and gift is in helping people to see who they truly are and show them how to use their unique gifts and energy to create amazing and fulfilling lives. She also has the ability to see any blocks or limiting beliefs and patterns that keep people stuck. Jamie is able to do this by using her intuition, her 25 plus years of experience and her education and training. She has a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from the Univ of Connecticut and a Professional Life Coaching Certification from iPEC. She is also a Reiki Master and a trained Numerologist.
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Casey Thomsen


Casey helps you align with your true self. Wherever you are on your journey, Casey will hold space for you; evoking energy for you to be supported, centered, balanced and loved. Through her gifts as an empath, a catalyst, a seer, a lightworker, and a bridge; She will facilitate self-love within you, help you connect to your heart energy, and assist in achieving “whole” healing (emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and energetic). Through this process you have the opportunity to feel empowered, find your voice, and align with your soul’s desire; Feel in complete harmony with your true self RIGHT NOW. You are Divine Light.
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Rachel Burwell


I am Rachel Burwell aka the Savvy Sage. My daughters, wise women in their own right, were most influential in the selection of the moniker Savvy Sage, and I loved the alliteration - there is just something about alliteration that makes me smile. As for Savvy, over time and life experience I have developed a wide range of skills in business development and personal growth and development that has served both me and my clients and co-workers well in creating positive change in not only our personal but also our professional lives. I am passionate about people finding their passion and sharing their gifts in a meaningful way in a world that needs their voice, gifts, and talents. I work with fellow seekers. What is a seeker? Someone whose life is generally going pretty well, but who senses that there must be something more. They know that the something more is not just the next book they should read (though they’d love to know what that is, and they will read it) or the newest concept that they need to learn about (though they will check that out too). What’s missing is something deeper, more at the heart of who they are and what they are all about.
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Faith Gauker


Faith has an ability to create a safe, supportive energetic field to foster and allow for the unwinding of unnecessary patterns of illusions or distortions. To illuminate these patterns and to awaken the awareness of individuals, discovering together unconscious thoughts that create loops or habits of behavior that no longer serve. With this awareness an individual can choose to create from a place of knowing instead of a place of reaction. This empowers individuals to know who they are in truth, their divine nature. With this gift of empowerment and the practice of heart coherence, an individual can choose to create a peaceful integration into all experiences of their life. Faith’s unique style of practice, is intended to nurture the spirit, while supporting an allowance or remembering of your joyful birthright to love yourself, love the day, and love your life. Reconnecting you back to your hearts and joyful potential.
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Looking for clarity, a sense of purpose, healing, balance? Want to be taken to the next level of your spiritual path? An Activation can assist you in clearing any blockages you may have and raise your vibration so you feel aligned with your Divine Self. During an Activation, the vibration within the body is raised using a combination of techniques including sound, purposeful intention, visualization and light touch. Raising the vibration within your body opens up the possibility to clear any pattern, programming, karma, disempowering belief systems or trauma that no longer serves you, and allows you to move into a heart-based field of light.

Support from the non-physical world provides help and guidance. That can mean your guides, teachers, angels or loved ones who have crossed. The intention is for you to only experience what is for your highest good and those in spirit that are committed to this for you will be present. They will share information with you. You will learn how it feels to be aligned and connected to your higher self. You will remember how to live from that place as you are guided through the balance of information from your heart and your mind. You will be given tools on how to stay grounded and connected to the Earth so that you can be comfortably fully present within your body.

Activation by Phone

During the session it is important to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. It is helpful to be in a relaxed, reclining position so you are comfortable with your head supported and feet up. After the session we suggest setting aside 15 to 30 minutes to journal, meditate or walk to allow the session to fully integrate. Remember to nurture your body by drinking water or herbal tea following the Activation.

Single Activation
1 Activation session (1.5 hours) $ 175.00
You will be contacted within 24 hours for scheduling

Activation Immersion
This is an intensive 23 day journey. Initial responses from clients who have taken this package report that they have seen life changing effects. When you sign up for this work, it is to go forward.
Your first session will cover an introduction to the work and what to expect, with days 2 - 5 consisting of a 1-hour activation session per day. This is followed by two days of integration with Barbara available for any extra support as needed. The cycle then repeats for days 8 - 23. Due to the intensive nature of this work, Barbara must limit this offer to only 2 concurrent clients at a time.
23 Days of Immersion $ 3,000.00
You will be contacted within 24 hours for scheduling

Activation in Person

Participants will be fully clothed on a massage table. The 1 ½ hour session includes approx 15 minutes of time following the Activation work for integration, you may need additional time to fully integrate before going back to your day-to-day activities. After the session we suggest setting aside an additional 15 to 30 minutes to journal, meditate or walk to allow the session to fully integrate. Remember to nurture your body by drinking water or herbal tea following the Activation.

Non refundable deposit due at time of booking $25.00.

Currently offered in Delaware and Colorado as scheduled. Please notify us of a cancellation 24 hours in advance


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