Rachel Burwell

Heart Empowered Facilitator

I am Rachel Burwell aka the Savvy Sage. My formal educational background in psychology, counseling, and education laid a solid foundation in the art of working with people to find their unique way through the issues confronting them and in teaching people some basic strategies that cleanse the lens through which they are viewing the world. My life as a seeker since childhood has led me to explore a variety of non traditional paths that are beyond our concrete and physical reality, practices like meditation, Reiki, energy healing, Tai Chi and other martial arts, Eriksonian hypnosis, Neurolinguistics, to name a few of what some folks sometimes affectionately call, “the woo”. What I have discovered along my journey and work with some amazing teachers and healers is that most people on some level know just what they need to do, and need someone who isn’t sitting in their seat with their perspective to hold space with them, to create a safe and nonjudgemental space, to shine a light on their own inherent wisdom, and help them see through the fog of illusion and find the path back to their own magnificent self.

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