Claim Your Mastery

A LIVE Virtual Retreat to Embody the Highest Expression Of Self

It has been said, “It's not enough to know, you have to know how.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

During this amazing time of transformation we are being offered an opportunity to claim and embody our Mastery. When we come together in the design, transformation is exponentially faster. Led by 4 facilitators sharing their unique practices to align and embody the truth of who we are.
A deep dive into Divine Light: how to align with it and create from this space in every given moment. Together - through various techniques - we help you to identify, awaken, activate and integrate your inner Divinity. Together we will root you in new awareness of the ancient knowledge already existing within you. Why? So you can live a life filled with greater ease, grace and prosperity.

What it looks like: 4 facilitators, each with a unique gift to share, will guide you on an experiential journey in remembering who you are. In addition to the facilitated experiences there will be time for reflection, journaling, and sharing.

Heart Empowered Journey
We have been told it's a technology. These amazing Avatar bodies of ours come equipped with the technology of creation through the love in our hearts. Together we amplify this truth for each other.
This guided experience is created by the frequency of all of us, as we choose to embody the Highest Expression Of Self. We journey together to heal, evolve and embody our mastery.

Welcoming Your Future Self, Now!
Let’s dance with the Divine to integrate and embody greater consciousness in the present moment. In this Future Self Activation, we bridge timeline gaps to activate our deepest heart's desire in the here and now. Together, we play with divine mastery in the field of possibilities. We call the future into the eternal present moment to connect greater light, love, laughter and synchronicities into a life without limits!

Releasing Old Stories and Returning to Love
In order to claim our mastery and create a life that resonates with our soul and true alignment, we must recognize and release those old stories and limiting beliefs. We will be looking at those old stories that keep us small and explore some ways to start creating new empowering stories that align with who we truly are-LOVE.

Real Self Care - Managing Your Energy
Self-care has become a popular term for taking care of ourselves, but what does that really mean when we are claiming our mastery? Managing our energy has become more important than ever before in these changing and uncertain times. How do we stay in our mastery while the world changes around us? We will look at how to assess our energy and tools that you can use to stay in alignment.

Wisdom From The Ancients
We are divine formless beings of light and we are extensions of Our Earth Mother here to shine! How do we bring ancient indigenous practices and sacred ceremony into our daily lives to make our lives better, and to help the planet? Let us journey to discover Helping Compassionate Spirits to work with and call on for guidance and answers, and experience the power of sound and breathing as a sacred ceremony to reconnect to our formless energy of love and light to work from a place of unity. Reconnect to your light, reconnect to nature, and reconnect to our blessed planet and bring ourselves back into harmony and balance.

We are so excited for this amazing opportunity to co-create!

Meet our Facilitators:


Barbara Reynolds

As the President of I Am Activated, Barbara has met with many people who have sought a closer relationship with themselves, their loved ones and Spirit. She is a Spiritual Coach who has the unique ability to “see” what is happening energetically in the body and then works with individuals to transform any patterns that are no longer serving their higher purpose. Through her work, Barbara helps her clients align with their authentic Divine self.

Mary Ann

MaryAnn D'Ambrosio

You could say MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, PhD is energetically charged. She swapped a lifelong corporate career in the power industry for one where she sparks entrepreneurs, business leaders and service professionals to leap without limits --and land in a place where they will grow and prosper.


Jamie Marie Wey

Jamie’s passion is helping people to see their magnificence. Jamie uses Numerology & the tools of Coaching to guide the process of revealing her client's unique gifts. She shows them how to use their personal power to gain insight into their life choices, relationships, and destinies. She understands how important it is to find true alignment with your soul and your life purpose to create an amazing and fulfilling life. She has the ability to see blocks or limiting belief patterns that keep people stuck. Jamie's powerful intuitive gifts and insights have helped her clients get unstuck for over 25 years. She holds a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from the Univ of Connecticut, a Professional Life Coaching Certification from iPEC, and advanced training in Numerology. Jamie is a Reiki Master.


Faith Gauker

Faith has an ability to create a safe, supportive energetic field to foster and allow for the unwinding of unnecessary patterns of illusions or distortions. To illuminate these patterns and to awaken the awareness of individuals, discovering together unconscious thoughts that create loops or habits of behavior that no longer serve. With this awareness an individual can choose to create from a place of knowing instead of a place of reaction. This empowers individuals to know who they are in truth, their divine nature. With this gift of empowerment and the practice of heart coherence, an individual can choose to create a peaceful integration into all experiences of their life. Faith’s unique style of practice, is intended to nurture the spirit, while supporting an allowance or remembering of your joyful birthright to love yourself, love the day, and love your life. Reconnecting you back to your hearts and joyful potential.