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A LIVE virtual retreat

A deep dive into Divine Light: how to align with it and create from this space in every given moment. Together - through various techniques - we help you to identify, awaken, activate and integrate your inner Divinity. Together we will root you in new awareness of the ancient knowledge already existing within you. Why? So you can live a life filled with greater ease, grace and prosperity.

Image courtesy: Drew Brophy, sacred spiral nautilus


Heart Empowered Calls

Empowering ourselves and each other.

Let's Evolve Together !!
It's exponentially faster and more fun when we join our frequencies!
This is by DESIGN

it is only in the blending, merging of frequency that the outcome is achieved



Activation of your Divine Self is assisted by your personal guides, teachers, angels and loved ones who have crossed. They will come to assist you- offering you guidance and answers. During an Activation, the vibration within the body is raised using a combination of techniques.