Faith Gauker

Heart Empowered Facilitator

Faith has an ability to create a safe, supportive energetic field to foster and allow for the unwinding of unnecessary patterns of illusions or distortions. To illuminate these patterns and to awaken the awareness of individuals, discovering together unconscious thoughts that create loops or habits of behavior that no longer serve. With this awareness an individual can choose to create from a place of knowing instead of a place of reaction. This empowers individuals to know who they are in truth, their divine nature. With this gift of empowerment and the practice of heart coherence, an individual can choose to create a peaceful integration into all experiences of their life. Faith’s unique style of practice, is intended to nurture the spirit, while supporting an allowance or remembering of your joyful birthright to love yourself, love the day, and love your life. Reconnecting you back to your hearts and joyful potential. My simple approach to life stems from my deep knowing and belief in nature. Nature creates the perfect balance, is ever changing, and is selfless. With this belief, how I do massage, yoga, teaching, and energy work is the way I live my life. A quote from an amazing instructor; “ Through peaceful movement on the mat, ordinary spiritual practice supports extraordinary happiness off the mat.” With my realization that the “mat” is a metaphor for absolutely everything we do and ever place we move in our life. From the grocery store, garden center, place of spiritual practice, gym, to our place of business. How can I honor and humbly know that my light is seen and vibrationally felt everywhere. My background encompasses experience with teaching Elementary School and PreSchool. I have held positions in the Emergency Room of Hospitals, to Oncology Hospice Floors. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner for over 10 years. I teach Restorative Yoga, RYT200, Activation and Energy Integration Facilitator of Heart Empowerment, and a practitioner of Native American studies.

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