Casey Thomsen

Heart Empowered Facilitator

Casey helps you align with your true self. Wherever you are on your journey, Casey will hold space for you; evoking energy for you to be supported, centered, balanced and loved. Through her gifts as an empath, a catalyst, a seer, a lightworker, and a bridge; She will facilitate self-love within you, help you connect to your heart energy, and assist in achieving “whole” healing (emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and energetic). Through this process you have the opportunity to feel empowered, find your voice, and align with your soul’s desire; Feel in complete harmony with your true self RIGHT NOW. You are Divine Light.
By connecting with your energy, Casey is able to see what is out of alignment from your “true self”, “higher self”, Divine light. Channeling the necessary remedies, she blends different modalities to accomplish releasing and reprogramming what is holding them back from achieving whole healing….i.e. emotional pain, lower vibrational energy or thought patterns, and past life karmic ties. You may receive messages from your guides and/or homework to take away and apply to your daily waking life.
Casey specializes in Vibrational Sound Therapy (Himalayan singing bowls placed on the body), Activation, Reiki, Akashic Record Readings, Spiritual/Life Coaching, House Blessings/Clearings, Intuitive channeling, chakra alignment, clearing and JOY!! Casey loves to bring the joy to everyone’s lives and always looks forward to connecting with new clients to instill Joy and light!

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