Barbara's Story

In 1996 she had a dramatic awakening when a Spirit Guide entered her body and spoke to a group.
Since then she has dedicated herself to following guidance and has been given some specific tools by spirit on how to “Activate that which is dormant” within the body. Barbara is a Reiki Master/Teacher, is trained in mediumship, and is trained in Circuitry Alignment . She has performed individual and group activations, personal readings, Reiki Healing and Spiritual healing. EMPOWER YOURSELF THROUGH ACTIVATION If you are feeling you need clarity, a sense of purpose, healing, balance or want to be taken to the next level of your spiritual path, Barbara can assist you in clearing any blockages you may have and raise your vibration so you will feel your alignment with your Divine self. Once you are in alignment with your Divine self, your questions are answered. During an Activation session your guides, teachers, angels, and/or loved ones who have crossed will come in to assist, offering you guidance and answers. At this time we are being asked to fully show up in our bodies, feel our Divine light and share it with others. The time is now. My spiritual journey began in April 1996 when on a girls weekend in Palm Springs my best friend wanted to share breath work with us. Instead of turning on the blender for margaritas we all lay on the floor and were guided through a “Transformational Breath” session. My intent for the session was “to find something to be passionate about”. Wow. What happened then changed my life. Transformation Breath is a form of concentrated conscious breathing, done over a period of time, usually 1 hour directed by a facilitator. While I was breathing a male presence entered my body. I moved aside and stood by my body observing. He then started to talk through me and gave insight to the group. The interesting thing was while I was observing I was totally detached, there was no fear at all. In my mind I was thinking things like, “wow I am really breathing deeply, my lips are moving. I am speaking.” I was just observing. When the session was over my friend who was leading us came over and just casually said. “I think he was Native American.” I was totally freaked out! Everything I had believed to be my reality was rocked. I heard voices from that day forward. From the beginning I felt totally safe and guided. I was being taught about vibration and energy and how things worked. It was an interesting time in my life. My biggest challenge was in moving through fear. I was afraid of being judged. What would my family and friends think? I remember feeling very concerned about my kids' teachers finding out about me. I thought people would “know” just by looking at me. For a little over a year I just listened to the voice, I did not investigate the information I was getting. I was afraid if I took any classes or read up about what was happening I would then convince myself that what I was hearing in my head was just because I was learning about this other world.With time that fear faded and I started to accept I had a gift. I began to see non-physical beings, hear voices, smell things, and feel in my body other people’s pain. At first it was a bit overwhelming but I learned to manage it. Along the way many people have helped me. I learned from Gregg Braden. He was able to connect the dots between my left and right brains. He had all kinds of research that helped explain what was happening to me and that it was very real. How everything comes from either love or fear. How our thoughts feelings and emotions create our world. I started to read everything I could about what was happening. I began to do energy work and lead group meditations. I studied Reiki and became a Reiki master/teacher. In August 2002 I was told in a meditation that I would be receiving some symbols that I needed to write down. I was to receive a set of 7 followed by a set of 5. So I had my colored pencils and pens at the ready. And sure enough, between August and September I received 12 symbols. At the time I searched for meaning, shared them with my friends used them in my energy work etc. Looking back I have come to believe that there are memories within us that are unlocked when we see or write certain symbols. It unlocks a vibrational pattern. Years later in October 2006 when I received the information about Activation I pulled out my symbols and was surprised to see the last symbol was called Activation. Activation came to me in a meditation in 2006. For a period of time I kept hearing “activate that which is dormant” over and over. What is that? I sat in meditation and was given some specific information about activating that which is dormant within. The basis is we all have within us a memory of who we truly are. Now how you put that into words is something else entirely. What I saw was a brilliant light within that connects us to all that is. White light moving through a prism, that breaks into every color imaginable and each of us is one of those amazing colors. I heard an amazing orchestra, each of us being an individual instrument. But more than what I saw and heard was how I felt. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and belonging. I was then instructed to go out and activate the Earth, activate myself, and activate others. I have been doing that ever since. In 2009 I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Dolores Cannon, another major turning point in my life. With Dolores’s help I was able to access childhood memories that were shrouded in fear. Reviewing them from an adult perspective I was able to gain some knowledge as to what was happening. In my childhood I was visited by non-physical beings and beings from what has been described to me as multi-dimensional beings. Some of these experiences had been scary to me as a child so I repressed them. But by seeing the scenes in there entirety I was able to understand what was happening and start to reconnect with the wisdom of the experience. My journeys have taken me to many places including Egypt, the Hopi Lands, the Mary Magdalene sacred sites in France, and most recently to Mt. Shasta in Northern California. And the journey continues! I am so very thankful.