Lake Titicaca

Mount Shasta Light Code Activation

Just by being in the frequency that Mount Shasta offers, you feel change. Mark and I were honored to do an Activation on the North side of Mount Shasta. Awakening the memory within the Earth as well as within ourselves. According to the "I Am" discourses by Godfre Ray King, Mount Shasta is where Christ Energy enters the planetary grid. Being in Shasta provides a lesson in anchoring high vibration into the physical body while being firmly grounded on the Earth. In doing so, light codes are activated within the body, so you feel your unique aspect of source. We need to ground! With all this energy coming in, the challenges of everyday life, the sea of emotions around us, it is easy to be thrown off.
The practice of grounding can change everything. During our trip to Lake Titicaca, I understood why we had to go to Mount Shasta first.
With all the calibration, and light code activation going on, the tools I learned at Mt. Shasta helped me to stay grounded. Mount Shasta provides a lesson in anchoring high vibration into the physical body while being firmly grounded on the earth. There are many things you can do to get grounded. Here are some things I find helpful:
1. State your intent. I am grounded.
2. Breath. Take a few fully conscious breaths to bring yourself present.
3. Connect with the Earth.
If you can, go out in nature. While there, be present there. Hear the sounds, smell your surroundings, feel the earth beneath you.
If you can’t go out in nature, VISUALIZE yourself in nature. Call up a strong memory of being in your favorite place in nature, the beach, the mountains, etc.
Merge with the field of Mother Earth. Feel her beneath you, connect with her.

Movement- Put on some music and dance
Salt Bath
Sound- Binaural beats, chanting, toning, drumming, certain crystal bowls.
Smells- Cedar, Myrrh, Sandal Wood, Cypress, Oak Moss, Patchouli, Rosewood, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Lavender are just a few.
Diffuse some essential oils, wear them or just sniff the bottle.
Color- Red, Brown, Black. Wear them, visualize them.
Crystals- Here are a few stones that help with grounding. I usually hold one or wear them as jewelry or put a stone in my pocket.
Black Tourmaline or Schorl, Black Obsidian, Jasper, Green Aventurine, Smoky Quartz
Lake Titicaca What does it mean to be grounded?
There are a lot of website’s out there, Google it. For me, it boils down to one word- Frequency.
We go about our day, doing all the things we need to do. One of them is interacting, with other people…
Any number of things happen when you throw people into the mix. They make us happy, proud, disgusted, angry. Either they are not moving fast enough or moving way to fast, but in either case something they are doing is seriously bugging you, and have caused you to notice. Or, conversely they have done something that makes you smile, makes you pause and laugh. Makes you Happy. Whatever the case, good, bad, happy, sad, you have ‘momentarily’, tuned in to that frequency. We do that a bunch throughout the day, every day. One minute this, the next, that. Exhausting. No wonder I’m ready for bed at 8 pm.
If you feel like many physicists, that it all boils down to vibration then you know that these momentary ‘alliances’ with all the things that you notice about your day, is a simple resonance with that particular vibration, at that particular moment. ‘High Vibrations’ make you feel good, expansive, part of- THE PROCESS. ‘Low Vibrations’, well, not so much.
Although ‘high’ and ‘low’ are relative labels we place on where they fall within our personal operating frequency range. It’s not ‘bad’ to feel angry. I personally have a preset button just for that. I hear some noise on that frequency, why, I just push one button. But it’s realizing, that for a moment, this frequency resonates, because we feel it, we notice it, it has affected us. And it’s in that moment we have grounded that frequency. We have become part of that circuit. We are manifesting something because an ‘energy packet’ has been received. We frown, we smile, we think, we act. Do we change the dial and find something that really rocks? Or do we stay engaged with that channel?
You are an active part of The Grand Circuit. All these energy waves, vibrations, just zapping around, flowing willy-nilly all over the place. Folks transmitting frequencies and receiving frequencies from others. And your antenna picks up on the frequency you tune to. We are like- Radio’s.
How do you ‘get grounded’?
Personally, I think being ‘grounded’ is part and parcel of the human experience. Things on this planet are going to affect you- no problema there. The trick is to actually be able to recognize it, as it’s happening. Maybe when something happens that affects you, that you take notice of in that moment, that you think of a simple word that will remind you of something else that is going on. Something bigger. Walking or feeling the Earth under your feet is great, it allows you to tune to a different frequency than by watching Friday Night Fights (with rock-em, sock-em humans!). Or the News. Visualization is another way to change your frequency. All good. Find your tool that works- and use it.
A different kind of tool is available
Another possible way is to actually ‘go there’. A thought experiment if you like. Before hand. Sit and think through a potential ‘problem’. Go ahead and make it real in your mind’s eye. Feel it. You are minding your own business driving down the road, singing along with the Beach Boys and Wham!, you get hit from behind. What do you feel? Angry? Why me? What the hell was that person thinking? Now I got a ton of paperwork, multiple trips to repair shops, what am I going to do without my car while it’s being repaired? Go through it all. Feel it. Frustrated? What frequency is this on your radio dial? Identify it. But this is a thought experiment. We have time to roll though all kinds of scenarios. Stop. Now look at it from various possibilities that involve different angles. What frequency could that person who drove into have been experiencing? Maybe they are just an idiot driver. But they could also have been focused on the phone call they just got that someone they love has been taken to the hospital. Ah, a little different on the vibration scale. Maybe they were tuned in on the same Beach Boys song you were. Eventually, you will conclude that an almost infinitude of possibilities could ‘be’. Exactly. So what is the one thing that you can decide on? How you handle it (before “it” really happens). That is the given in this equation that you are practicing. Can you allow for the possibility that the person who just hit your car did not wake up with the sole purpose of a successful day being defined by meeting you. On the road. Five minutes sooner, five minutes later, neither of you would know each other. The point being, that by practicing before hand, what the myriad frequencies that are flowing around out there do to you, you are re-wiring yourself by identifying those various frequencies and to help you ground with the ones that maintain a ‘high vibration’, rather than figuring that out while you wait for the proverbial “tow truck of life”. Having practiced this or some similar variant via thinking before hand, gives you the ability to change the dial on your radio to a vibration that you deem ‘better’. What feels best when the day is said and done? What can you do to maintain grounding to high vibration waves? Allowing your mind the time to build a strategy based on higher vibration responses to low vibration stimuli, may prove useful. At a time when calm is nowhere to be found on the menu. Like when they leave the toilet seat up- again.
The idea is that the more time you’re able to ‘practice’ handling situations that you find not so high on the vibration level, the more you will be equipped to maintain, or manifest what you find to be the highest ‘good’ on your frequency dial. Call it “preemptive meditation on things that could really blow my high…”.
Get it? High? Vibration? Come on, you got it!