Lake Titicaca

Going to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

A couple months ago I woke to a male voice saying “The Island of the Sun will change your life”. I have had experiences like these before in my life when I hear or see things, but it had been a while since I had heard something so clearly as I was waking up. It was pretty dramatic.
Lake Titicaca I went downstairs and started Googling Island of the Sun. The first piece of information I stumbled upon said “the activation occurs on the boat ride over”. What? Activation? I had started hearing ACTIVATE THAT WHICH IS DORMANT in 2006, and have been on a journey to do that ever since. I have also heard “you are encoded”. When I started to read up on Lake Titicaca I came across a lot of information about Light Code Activation.
According to Drunvalo Melchizedeks book, Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 The movement of the Earths Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light, Lake Titicaca holds the feminine energy of the planet.
Lake Titicaca “The stunningly beautiful site of this holy lake is simply breathtaking, literally, lying some two and one half miles above sea level, its elevation alone is capable of creating altered states. At 12,300 feet above sea level, Titicaca is the highest navigable lake on the planet, and the second largest lake in South America. Some say it is one of the most sacred places on the planet. I have been there eight times, and wholeheartedly agree. The most powerful energy of Lake Titicaca is a transformational axial point on Island of the Sun. It is called ‘El Rocque’. Local mystics refer to it as the 12th Gate, believing that the twelfth Sun Disc is near the Island, and holds the frequencial key to a sacred and powerful Wisdom Initiation.
Many state that Titicaca carries a feminine energy. Indeed it does, but it also carries the masculine. It is an exemplary marriage of both. In fact it is Titicaca’s perfectly heterogeneous balance of male and female that attracts so many to the healing terr aqueous energy colloid. The holy lake does receive and blend enormous inflows of the female energy so necessary for our planet to achieve balance, but it is the female/male balance that Gaia ultimately seeks to project, not a predominantly male or female field. However, the ongoing influx of female energy is required to achieve planetary neutrality with the male energy that has predominated since the sinking of Mu.” – James Tyberonn
“The Golden Solar Discs hold the light codes of the living library of light at the level of the Greater Central Sun. The living library of light is the creation story that we are experiencing. As we make the shift into the next root race and being our light in a body, multi-dimensional selves all merged as we become the Creator Goddess God. We are creating Heaven on Earth in our body, our body of Light. Since the Solar Eclipse August 1st 2008, higher frequencies of light have able to ground through those who are clear vessels, previously the Golden Solar Discs vibrated at the Central Sun creation codes. As we unify and thereby vibrate at higher octaves of light so too do the discs as it is now possible for the higher light codes to come through us. Awareness of being in the Council of Light, remembering who you are and aware of other worlds and dimensions, all one with the physical earth world, no separation, only oneness is experienced as one goes deeper within to the stillness.” – Soluntra King.
Lake Titicaca “The use of the Voyager “Golden Record” image above is not without thought. The disc on each spacecraft contains sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them. In a sense, the “Golden Records” on board the Voyagers hold codes of the living library of Planet Earth. They contain a “creation story” that, even after being launched in 1977, sheds light on a human progression that we are still experiencing. Creating a version of Heaven, or something else, is what we do. We create on this planet because each of us is a soul that has a vague remembrance of an ‘Ultimate Creator’.As though our minds eye sees through a glass, though darkly. A faint dream that we can only ever so partially remember. It is as natural an instinct for a soul to create as is the body to breath. Unfortunately, we are like kids full of sugar, we run around bouncing off everything with the same amount of chaos ensuing. But this is what it’s all about isn’t it? Learning what we really want, verses what we think we want. Learning new beneficial information, verses that which we are convinced we know. We resonate/vibrate with many different frequencies, in just as short a time. When we like to listen to a particular type of music, at that moment, you resonate with it. At some other moment in time, that same piece may not carry the same ‘feeling’. Another micro-second, you over-hear a baby laugh and it makes you smile. I.R.S., wow, a completely different vibration… It’s what we are ‘tuning into’, in that moment. As you adjust your resonance with something- anything, you are ‘grounding’ it into an actual manifestation on this planet. You are sending it out- into the Earth. How do you feel? About anything. Think of it, whatever it is, and it will change you. Physically or emotionally, psychologically or physiologically. Being aware of information you receive, how it effects you, and even more revealing, why does it effect you that way, provides an opportunity to merge with a ‘higher consciousness’, a more encompassing ‘me’. A ‘multi-dimensional me’ if you like. Realizing, even in a moment, that You are so much more than what you allow yourself to be.”
“During the 400 or so years of the Inca incarnations, they identified and empowered and enhanced the natural connecting points of the earth grids at that time with the greater galactic grids. Lake Titicaca is a direct funnel for these energies to enter the planet cross-dimensionally. Lake Titicaca is also a holding tank of sorts for energies yet to be released fully onto this planet. These light codes are stored in a series of what look like safe-deposit boxes lining the vast walls of the portal tunnel. This light codes, also known as galactic codes, carry time sensitive light activation designs. When these designs are released through the portal, and received by receptive human beings, they will be transduced into the frequency patterns that are most easy to be received at the time of the contact between humans who carry the codes, and those who are destined and choosing to receive them. These codes- in the form of multi-dimensional symbols – vary in frequency in relation to the time they are received in terms of the current rapid evolutionary process underway in this planetary system, and the interaction with the receiving humans. Humans can elect to receive these upgrade codes into their light systems through the magnetism of their desire to evolve energetically, and to be of service with unconditional love and no agenda to the greater human family”. – Pat Crosby
“Light codes? As any Network gear-head will to you, if you don’t understand the protocol, you won’t get the message. Do I think there are actual ‘light codes’ being injected into me? Well, maybe, but I see it more metaphorical in nature. If I resonate at the same frequency as that of the new information which is presented, understanding the protocol so to speak, I receive the message that is contained therein. Go back in time 300 years and show everyone your latest i-whatever, and they will start building a bonfire with you standing in for the marshmallow. They/we had no clue as to electronics, energy storage, analog to digital signal conversion, plastic. There was no resonating with that kind of ‘light code’ that allows us today to understand the roll of electrons, within an atom, quantum tunneling. Makes you wonder what ‘light codes’ we are missing now… Funny how when someone says “These light codes are stored in a series of what look like safe-deposit boxes lining the vast walls of the portal tunnel”, we roll the eyes and say to ourselves WTF? Shortly afterwards we flip a switch into the on-position on our TV and proceed to watch images and sounds generated by a box which converts electrical signals into light…eh, ok. But that’s the point. What do you resonate with? What is allowable and what isn’t. And don’t even get me started on my own version of “These codes- in the form of multi-dimensional symbols..”, my Visa bill is ready evidence of a card containing multi-dimensional symbols… (i.e. the card has height, width, depth, and as long as it’s valid, encompasses a ‘time’ element as well…). The reference to light codes, in my opinion, more than likely suggest actually that- ‘codes’ vibrating at given frequencies (varying degrees of ‘light’) which we filter through whatever level of knowledge we employ. Watch your TV, your computer, your phone, the billboards on the side of the road. Some codes, or level of ‘light’ we are drawn to, others, not so much. Any advertiser will tell you what kind of ‘reality’ about a person can be targeted based on their shopping habits, search and browsing history, their moment-to-moment thoughts. All of it information, or codes, which we ourselves have tuned into. At least for that moment.”
On our journey to Island of the Sun we will be staying in Copacabana, the launching point for the boat trip across to the island. We will be visiting the Solar Observatory, located above the town. It is said to be “a doorway … merging the beginning with the end into the new Now. …and opening the collective consciousness for all to merge in accordance with Divine Will. This was also part of the physical immortality journey, as we are completely aligned so we are rejuvenated, and become masters of ourselves and anchor our Light Body complete.” Our intent for the trip is to move into the highest frequency possible, and to Activate our codes of light in our physical bodies and share this knowledge and light with others.

As you activate yourself you activate others
As you activate others you activate the Earth
As you activate the Earth you activate yourself