Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca Light Code Activation

Being on the Island of the Sun I felt different.
Was it that our electronics didn’t work? Was it because the only form of transportation was walking or Donkey? Was it the real awareness of taking a shower meant they had to put the pump on to pull water up from the lake? Was it the silence? Was it the staggering beauty? The altitude? The connection of the people to the land? The fresh fish caught every day to be dinner that evening? I don’t know for sure. I do know I felt different. There was a reverence in the silence, an awe at seeing the Milky Way galaxy at night. Since the first night in Bolivia I was either having amazing vivid dreams or was awake at 1am with the urge to write (for hours). When I awoke the next morning at 6am I was totally refreshed and restored. I became more familiar with a Guide who calls herself Ilea. I was accompanied by a black panther. The place is magical.
Mark and I were guided to do a sacred ceremony around awakening the Divine feminine within the lake, thereby bringing forth within our bodies a balanced Male/female. As we did this and consciously brought that into our physical bodies we then shared it through the energetic (what some call the crystalline grid lines) pathways around the Earth. The dreaming of the future holds the vision of a balanced Earth. As we balance ourselves we balance our world. (more on this to come).
Lake Titicaca The next ceremony we did was an ACTIVATION on the northern most point of the island. We were told to “Bridge the worlds”. Ok, what does that mean? Are we bridging to the 5th dimension? The answer I got was, “we don’t call it that but we are in a different time/space” As we hiked the final mile to the North End I was feeling a bit of pressure. We had traveled many miles and many days to get to this point, based on a “voice” I heard. Was anything going to happen? Would we do “it” right? As I was walking I was praying, calling in all my Guides to help us now. Mark was up ahead, scouting a good place. I was walking down a step rocky incline, so I was looking down. I heard something..I looked up , and about 15 feet in front of me was a Condor, on the ground, looking at me. Wow. It took off and flew over me and off the right. Thank you. We are on the right track. Mark and I did the ceremony. How long it took, I have no idea, we dropped into that trippy time warp place. We heard drumming, we heard footsteps all around us. (Mark even got up a few times to see if a group showed up.) ” It is the connecting of this world to the higher dimension where the “dream of the future” lies. Access to all truths is within the memory of All IS ONE / All is Love. It is possible to be that… here in this body “
Lake Titicaca Golden Sun Disc. I was asking “Is the Golden Disc here?” Is it buried in the sunken city off the Island of the Sun?
The Golden Sun Disc is here …. (Ilea pointed to our hearts)
In the moment I was so focused on “where” the buried treasure was I missed it. In hindsight it seems so obvious. The Golden Sun disc from ancient legend is within us. The Sun and the Son are the same. What they were showing me.. Christ light is within. Whatever we want to call it. The Divine light, Christ, the Solar Disc. It is all within us.
As I embodied light, I embodied the Golden Sun Disc, I embodied Christ Light. I felt amazing. Everything changed, every perception was different.
The nights that followed our bodies hummed with all the energy that was running through us. At times it was a bit uncomfortable. It was at this point that I realized why we had to go to Mt Shasta first. Mt Shasta was a lesson in grounding. I used everything I had learned. We were being “calibrated”. We were to told that the “codes of light” where being “activated” within us. It has been a month since our trip. We are still integrating. I feel very honored.
Mark and I are offering Light Code Activation through a frequency transfer. We can do this over the phone, in person or in groups. If this resonates with you, we would love to hear from you.
And the journey continues!!!
Lake Titicaca

As you activate yourself you activate others
As you activate others you activate the Earth
As you activate the Earth you activate yourself