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Our new Light Code Activation Series Is Available Now

“Seven Light codes, followed by Five, followed by Seven. We have been guided to share a series of Light Codes consisting of a group of 7, a group of 5 and lastly a group of 7. All 19 Light Code sessions are now available for download. Each 30 minute recording covers aspects of Balance, Embodiment and Bridging the Worlds. The Light Codes help with the Ascension and move us into higher frequencies. They are tools to support us as we evolve to higher states of consciousness". All 19 recordings, each 30 minutes in length, are available for $10.00 each. Click on the image to view our complete series.

Register for our weekly Monday conference calls

“Each Monday evening, starting November 7th at 6pm Mountain Time for 30 minutes, we Activate a new Light Code. Join us as we raise our vibration and move into higher frequencies of light. Click on the image to register”

Got a minute?

“We have a 1-minute video that will bring you back to center. Nature has a wonderful voice. Sit back, watch and connect with the Earth. Wind!”

Got another minute?

“Here's a 1-minute video that will allow you to watch and listen as Nature calls to you. Sit back, watch and connect with the Earth. Stream!”



HOST AN ACTIVATION !!!  If you would like to host Activations at your healing center, contact us at 302.354.9072 or email to

LIGHT CODE ACTIVATION !!!  Embody Light! Balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. Remember who you are. Now available by PHONE. Click HERE to schedule a Phone Activation !

ORBS !!!  They seem to have multiplied like Tribbles (StarTrek). Click HERE to view !

OUR BLOG !!!  contains updated info. Tips For The Shift, Lake Titicaca and more. Click HERE to view !


IN-PERSON Be sure to make an appointment to meet with Barbara Reynolds for your personal Activation Session. In person Activations are currently being offered in:


Into The Mystic Healing and Arts

Golden, CO.

Click HERE to check Barbara's schedule or make an appointment by calling 302.354.9072


Pike Creek Reiki

Newark, DE.

Make an appointment by calling 302.530.6682

Delaware Center for Conscious Living

Wilmington, DE.

Click HERE to check Barbara's schedule or make an appointment by calling 302.354.9072

It's All About You Massage & Bodywork

Smyrna, DE.

Click HERE to check Barbara's schedule or make an appointment by calling 302.354.9072

PHONE  Barbara has openings for Readings and Activations over the phone. Click here to schedule an appointment.

GROUP  The dynamic of a group setting offers the opportunity for rapid alignment.  Click here to learn more.

Attempt at the Ineffable

By Michael LoPatriello  Order Mike's book "Attempt at the Ineffable". Here is a collection of mystical and spiritual poems, rants, short stories, and a play, in an attempt at the ineffable experience of the heart's light. Order from i-Tunes here. Or order from Smashwords here.



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If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email. Or call us at (302) 354-9072 between 8am - 5pm MT.

"... you help me expand beyond my knowing". Tina Q, Los Angeles, CA

"Changing the molecular structure of the body, because we are doing it consistently, it is taking hold". Brian S, Boston, MA

"I think you and Mark are helping us make quantum leaps". Brenda D, Wilmington, DE

"These calls are so awesome, I feel like they are especially for me". Jamie M, Wilmington, DE

"It is hard to image how a phone call could be so transformative". Brenda D, Wilmington, DE


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