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“Through amplification and pure intention to serve the highest good, Barbara brings others to a place of high vibration and clarity where they receive exactly what they need at the time… Ask and it is given.”


Barbara acts as a conduit for Spirit for you

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Barbara Reynolds is a Spiritual Guide, she is clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient. She has the unique ability to “see” what is happening energetically in the body and then works with individuals to transform any patterns that are no longer serving their higher purpose. Through her work, Barbara helps her clients align with their authentic Divine self.

In 1996 she had a dramatic awakening when a Spirit Guide entered her body and spoke to a group.  Since then she has dedicated herself to following guidance and has been given some specific tools by spirit on how to “Activate that which is dormant” within the body.

Barbara is a Reiki Master/Teacher, is trained in mediumship, and is trained in Circuitry Alignment . She has performed individual and group activations, personal readings, Reiki Healing and Spiritual healing.

Mark Reynolds helps to lead Activation groups, envisioning weekends and leads journeys to Activate the Earth.

Mark has the unique ability to present big universal spiritual laws in a way that is easily received. Between his vast knowledge of the tech world and his intimate knowledge of the world religions he is capable of combining the two to present an alternative narrative of how we live day to day and what it means to our eternal growth.


During a group Activation:

* We move into a resonant field of light, and with intent, raise the vibration within the body

* Access the library of light to receive wisdom

* Access that which is dormant… the memory of who we are

* Through shared vibrational frequencies we share knowledge with each other and the Earth

A GROUP ACTIVATION allows for a much more dynamic, enriching experience by utilizing the individual Energy Patterns of the participants. In a group setting, a larger, more energetic wave function is created that promotes a more balanced approach of the Mind-based waveform, and the Heart-based waveform. In finding the balance between the Mind and Heart at the individual level, we are able to collectively send that Energy Pattern into the Earth.

The intent of our Group Activation is to utilize our fullest energy in raising the vibration within us, the group and the Earth to embody Light/Christ Consciousness. That our Minds and Hearts may more perfectly balance, in resonance, thereby creating a greater Amplitude of the Energy we create.

We are in effect, bridging the worlds. The Dream of the future. Unity Conscousness. One of creating a field that allows for the Universe to unfold, along with the world of the day-today. A world where those who have crossed over the veil assist with those who remain. A world more Balanced, with a world less so. A world of higher consciousness, with a world of fear.

If you are feeling you need clarity, a sense of purpose, healing, balance or want to be taken to the next level of your spiritual path, Barbara can assist you in clearing any blockages you may have and raise your vibration so you will feel your alignment with your Divine self.

Once you are in alignment with your Divine self, your questions are answered.  During an Activation session your guides, teachers, angels, and/or loved ones who have crossed will come in to assist, offering you guidance and answers.

At this time we are being asked to fully show up in our bodies, feel our Divine light and share it with others.  The time is now.

“Overwhelming feeling of
peace and love…”

Gail M

Brenda D


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